I’ve been designing and building websites for many, many years, and over that time I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a good environment and location for a web design agency. During the last 20 years, I’ve run both large and small agencies and one thing that’s common for both, is that in order to attract the right staff and win the best clients, the location of your agency is key.

Back in the ’90s, I ran a big web design and build agency with over 85 staff and huge clients like Pepsi, Bacardi, Sony Music, BBC and many more. Although we weren’t based in London, as we grew, we wanted to be close enough to tap into the huge London talent pool but without incurring the London overheads. The M4 corridor was our preferred location back then and it still is now, but for very different reasons.

I sold the bigger agency in 2010 and after a short break, I decided to start another smaller agency working on web design projects that really interested and excited me. Initially, I focused on the music industry which quickly expanded to include startups and emerging smaller businesses as my target clients. These companies were dynamic, energetic, fun and I felt that with my experience, I could really make a difference to their brand, online presence and growth, very quickly.

I initially set up the new agency in West London with a small, highly experienced team but eventually, the draw to move back west, nearer my old stomping ground, was too strong.

Why Reading you might ask, I’ll tell you why…


Why locate a web design agency in Reading?

Reading is a great location for smaller businesses. It feels young yet established and has an active and lively business community. It’s a location that has embraced the culture of startups and growing companies and Reading itself has been going through lots of change and development. New innovative office environments such as Spaces, Fora and WeWork have been built and designed around young, dynamic, developing entrepreneurial businesses, which is perfect for a web design agency like ours. These creative spaces are right in the centre of Reading with modern interpretations of the traditional office, including funky interiors, open meeting areas, quiet booths, roof terraces, great coffee lounges, collaborative co-working spaces, free wi-fi and showers etc. We chose to locate our web design business in the Spaces building which is right by the Reading train station and only 24 minutes by train to London. This makes it easy to visit our London clients and also provides great recruitment opportunities as we grow.

Reading is a really vibrant community with lots going on for new businesses networking such as the Biscotti and First Friday clubs which help smaller businesses connect and socialise. This helps to not only attract the right type of talent, it also helps to motivate and retain staff because it’s such a great place to work. There are lots of like-minded companies around Reading, ranging from creative web design and development agencies like us, through to App developers and software startups. Even huge, dynamic global organisations like Microsoft and Oracle have their headquarters in Reading!

We are really happy with our new home in Reading and if you are passing or want pop in to talk about your next branding, web design project or digital marketing, then please get in touch and come and look around our new place.