In 2015, Above Digital met with the founder Jamie Moyes to scope and define his new concept in insuring the unborn child – a first within the insurance industry. The result of this was that Future Family asked Above Digital to design the startup’s logo and branding, manage social media activity and build the first Future Family website for the product launch. This website was the first of many Future Family insurance startup websites and 3 years later Future Family have spread across the world from the UK to the UAE, offering upwards of 10 prenatal insurance policy variants. Future Family are now looking to expand their services around the globe in multiple territories and languages.

From Future Family’s inception, Above Digital have scoped, designed and built the transactional startup websites to collect payments and instigate direct debit agreements via Go-Cardless software. The websites feature an online application process which vets applicants and issues insurance policies in real-time. All this, built using Microsoft’s Umbraco, a coding platform that allows for more duplicability for future expansion. Being aimed at 18-55 year olds, the website is fully responsive to allow all products to be purchased via desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Having designed the Future Family brand from startup, Above Digital have designed and defined Future Family logos, social channel strategy, SEO optimisation and have provided matching, fully editable user-friendly Content Management Systems (CMS).

For more on the technical details of this startup story and some beautiful design outtakes, see our full Future Family case study.