Momentum Pharma had grown its business across the globe, hitting a benchmark of over 800 pharmaceutical trials supported across 40 countries. The existing branding and website no longer reflected the scale and nature of the business nor the personal quality offering that momentum Pharma provided to their global client base.

Momentum Pharma required new branding, logo design, messaging and website design. They sought to earn the trust required to sign up new agents across the world, while employing high impact images, messaging and colours that put them on (and above) the level of their competitors, in the eyes of a website visitor.

In requesting that Above Digital create the brand from start to finish, Momentum Pharma’s fonts, colour palette and coloured squares of the logo echo throughout the site and all print collateral. This, combined with a simple and self explanatory logo are key for any startup wishing to create impact and be more memorable to future clientele. Momentum Pharma is a testament to the transformation possible if you create or recreate your startup brand identity and website as a unit.

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