Provide real-world support to your online customers!

Well the best way to find out how your online audience is getting on with your website is to simply ask them when they are browsing the site!

Using the Live Chat plugin on your website, your real-world team can monitor and engage with any active users by using the Live Chat window. This can be triggered by the user or the team via a browser based dashboard which follows any new user to the site. Through the dashboard your team can message and send links and files to an website visitor to make sure they get what they need as soon as possible. The conversation can also be triggered by actions within the page or even by non activity which may indicate the user is not sure what to do next.

By using the Live Chat facility and online dashboard your team can hold multiple conversations and get daily reports of all interactions as well as any missed opportunities when the team is not there out of hours. Daily summarise are emailed to the team members to report back on visitors and any conversations that have gone on. A great way to support or convert online customers and make sure they feel the site/company truly wants to engage and support it’s audience. Give us a ring of you want to see how this can work for you.