the brief

Argus Media stands as the premier independent provider of market intelligence for the global energy and commodity markets. With offices worldwide, their team employs leading expertise to reveal and highlight crucial market insights for clients including government bodies, private investors, businesses and financial institutions.

We were tasked with leading the design of Argus Media’s new branding and visual identity. The brief was to evolve its current identity into a fresh new design that more accurately represents Argus Media as a global market leader.

brand design

We used our competitor review and mood board developments to establish a unique visual direction for Argus Media. The branding needed to reflect how Argus Media’s global experts analyse key market data and highlight important issues, aiding clients in making informed investment decisions. This approach was vital to Argus’ success as a market leader and had to be central to the brand direction.

Our visual research led to initial brand developments, focusing on evolving the brand colours and core elements for a modern look. The colour palette was reinvigorated with vibrant colours and an ‘illuminating gradient,’ bringing new life to the branding design.


We art-directed a photo shoot that delivered a library of photographs showcasing team members collaborating and working at the Argus offices in London, bringing a warm humanistic feel to the brand. The distinctive style of photography was established and articulated so that other global offices could also execute photoshoots in a way that was consistent with the new brand direction.

brand guidelines

As the brand developed, we finalised all brand assets by creating comprehensive brand guidelines. These guidelines detailed every aspect of Argus’ new brand and how it should be used. This included guidance on logos, colour palettes, brand mechanics, typography, page layout, tone of voice, website, imagery and key brand messaging. The brand guidelines also detailed further guidance on creating and managing content fo the website, motion graphics and 

The brand guide was the primary outcome of the branding project, articulating the new visual direction in a way that ensures ongoing brand consistency.

rebranding a leading global commodity pricing agency

ongoing brand and marketing support

brand asset creation, templates and ongoing marketing support

We continue to support Argus Media as they roll their brand out across all platforms. We have helped with template and asset creation to support their marketing efforts and align all their internal teams. Assets we have created include web banners and social media skins, event branding, motion graphics, video production, PowerPoint templates and office stationery. 

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