the brief

The Financial Services Forum is a respected name in the financial services sector providing valuable insights, data and networking event opportunities for C-suite level individuals in the financial services marketing industry. Over the last 20 years the FSF has become a cornerstone of the industry, with members representing some of the biggest brands in the financial sector.

The previous FSF website was in much need of an overhaul, both in terms of the user experience, the content management system, and its brand delivery.

Our brief was to reorganise and redesign their current site, looking at the various membership journeys, sign up processes, gated content structures and overall brand presentation.

phones displaying the financial services forum website design
tablet displaying the wireframes for the financial services forum website design


We completed an extensive audit of the current FSF website, mapping out the structuring of content, key user journeys, membership driving touchpoints, and collated our findings into a detailed site map and wireframes. From here we were able to work out how content could better be organised. We planned a gated system to improve the experience for existing users and increase engagement and also increase new membership sign-ups.

It is important to fully understand the requirements of any complicated, multi-faceted website like this membership site, not only from the user’s perspective but also from the client’s perspective. Taking time to learn from their gained industry experience and using this to inform a bespoke approach to the user journeys.

With that in mind, it was important during the scoping process that we met with the FSF team to discuss and refine the various aspects of the user journeys.

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three tablets displaying the financial services forum website design

membership system

An important aspect of this project was the organisation of gated (members only) and non-gated (free) content. The way in which content displays to the various member tiers was crucial in making sure the site encouraged membership sign-ups. We designed a new gating system that pushed members to either sign up if not registered or upgrade membership if they were on a lower tier. The gating system leads users through to a membership onboarding process, that integrates the organisation’s existing process.

As well as the membership aspect, the site also integrates a third-party events system, to manage networking event listings and bookings. Using FSF’s current technology meant that the migration to the new site was seamless meaning that the new site was launched, replacing the old site without any disruption for members of the FSF team.

interface design

We place the Brand and User Experience at the heart of everything we do. That way we ensure the interface design works equally well for both the business and end-user, guiding them from entry point through to destination in the quickest and most rewarding way possible! To do this we explore all business and user requirements, define the key goals and summarise via page wireframes and clickable prototypes. The whole process is scaleable and focused on providing the right blend of business requirements, brand design & messaging, user journey and technology. If we get it right then everyone is happy.

Through the FSF interface design, we were able to address brand delivery. We created a series of mood boards showing how the brand could be reimagined across the site in a more contemporary and fitting interface design. We choose a light colour palette, new key featured colours, a new font library and a more spacious delivery of content, incorporating interesting elements like a square theme to frame featured content.

We look forward to working with the Financial Services Forum team in the near future to further develop the platform and expand the site’s features.

Phone screen, wireframe, and sketch, demonstrating development of the financial services forum website design

website build

At Above Digital we‘re proud of the websites we build. With an experienced in-house design and development team all our sites are well thought through, beautifully designed and robustly built. We place a close collaboration between the Client and the Above Digital team at the heart of everything we do. This ensures we get the best possible results for whatever your budget.

community membership bespoke website build, brand update and interface design

digital marketing

PPC / SEO / Email / Social Channel Management

There are a wide range of digital marketing activities on offer, so choosing the right ones can be confusing. At Above Digital, we talk through your objectives and explore the options available to make sure you take the right path. From search engine optimisation (SEO), social channel management, email marketing or paid Advertising in Facebook, Twitter or running a Google Adwords, Display Ads or re-marketing, it will depend on what you are trying to achieve with your available budget.

To ensure the best results, all campaigns should be reviewed and key learnings defined so that any ongoing activity can be improved. We try to provide the right guidance and support, from the launch of a new product through to extending your brand reach online.

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