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Instant insurance quote interface design

the brief

HOOT Home Insurance has developed a groundbreaking insurance quoting system that delivers customers a competitive insurance quote in minutes. Users enter their postcode, click ‘Get a quote’ and within seconds are presented with a competitive quote, without having the hassle of going through a long series of questions.

HOOT had an existing website but the interface design was proving an obstacle for visitors to use. We were asked by HOOT to redesign the interface for their website, creating a new, more effective user journey process from enquiry through to application. 

The overall visual delivery also needed to fall in line with the Hoot brand and its fun nationwide advertising campaign featuring Alexander Armstrong.









interface design

We designed the interface to be super simple, the key focus of the home screen to be on driving the user to enter a postcode and get an instant quote. We wanted the user to be in no doubt of the action required.

We designed a clear call to action are on the landing page, to the right-hand side of the screen, drawing users in.

The rest of the website is designed around HOOT's branding and campaign imagery. We included a burger bar, a sliding full-screen menu to keep any secondary navigation away from the key call to action and reinforce the simplicity of the user experience.

The site needed to include key legal information, accreditation logos, and benefit messaging that were also worked into the overall user interface design.

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website build

Our expert development team built the site to incorporate HOOT's quoting platform, creating all functionality around that. The website is built on the robust Lavarel platform

The HOOT website is fully secure and built to be responsive giving all users easy access.

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insurance website
interface design

ongoing support

We work closely with the team and continue to support HOOT, ensuring the website is always functioning as it needs to. We also remain on hand to do regular updates, both to content, the platform and general functionality as when required.

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