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the brief

Nü are a business startup focusing on product ‘end of life’. They manufacture biodegradable, plastic free products that degrade within years, rather than decades, or even centuries. Above Digital created the #BTheChange campaign to challenge consumers to consider which products they buy and where they end up once used. The website acts as a communication hub and offers a range of compostable, plastic free, bamboo based nappies, wet wipes and women’s care products.

Users are encouraged to sign up for a free product trial and read news content written by Martin Dorey of #2MinuteBeachClean. To add to the buzz around zero waste culture, posts are pushed out to all #BTheChange social media channels where like minded individuals can discuss how we can lead more sustainable lives.

Having previously created the more product centric Nü Bamboo website, Above Digital created the #BTheChange campaign with a different aim. This was to highlight the negatives of one-use paper and waste plastics by guiding the user through separate paths depending on whether they already gave a damn or not, with responses tailored to each choice.









interface design

We place the User Experience at the heart of everything we do to ensure any interface design works well for both the business and end user. We aim to directing users from their entry point through to a chosen destination in the quickest and most rewarding way possible! To do this we fully explore all business and user requirements, define the key goals, and summarise via page wireframes, which can be made interactive. The whole process is scaleable and focused on providing the right blend of brand design, business requirements, user journey and technology. If we get it right, then everyone is happy.

Users can typically be placed into one of two broad categories. Those who know what they want, and those who do not. For the ones that do, we provide clear and easy to use options focused on their priority tasks. Alternatively, for users who want to explore and find their own path, we provide the right guidance to get them from A to whatever B might be, as quickly and simply as possible.

The resulting website for the #BTheChange campaign was an engaging interactive sequence that delivered Nü’s key brand messaging and encouraged sign up to product trials. It highlights a very current issue of plastic waste and places Nü at the centre of the solution.

Phone screen, wireframe, and sketch, demonstrating development of the nubamboo website design
eco product launch
website design
social media campaign

digital marketing

PPC / SEO / Email / Social Channel Management
There are a wide range of digital marketing activities on offer so choosing the right ones can be confusing. At Above Digital we talk through your objectives and explore the options available to make sure you take the right path. From search engine optimisation (SEO), social channel management, email marketing or paid Advertising in Facebook, Twitter or running a Google Adwords, Display Ads or re-marketing, it will depend on what you are trying to achieve with your available budget.

To ensure the best results, all campaigns should be reviewed and key learnings defined so that any ongoing activity can be improved. We try to provide the right guidance and support, from the launch of a new product through to extending your brand reach online.

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