the brief

In 2024, the RSPCA underwent a comprehensive rebrand, updating its iconic identity for the first time since 1970. The goal was to make the brand feel more current and appealing to a broader, modern audience.

We were tasked with applying this new brand direction to the RSPCA Suffolk Central website. As the first iteration of the new brand on a site outside the main RSPCA website, it was crucial for us to deliver a site that aligned with the new brand direction in an engaging and modern way.

creative cloud

scope & website design

During the scoping phase, we collaborated with the team at RSPCA Suffolk Central to detail the key functionalities of the site such as mailing list sign-ups, content management systems, SEO requirements and third-party integrations such as donation platforms. We created and confirmed a list of essential features before completing an extensive wireframing phase, detailing all page layouts, user journeys, and functionalities

Using the newly supplied brand guidelines, we incorporated elements from the refreshed visual identity into the design. The bright colour palette, bold typography, and graphical devices contributed to a great-looking user interface that felt modern, captivating, and engaging. 


website build

The bespoke website is built on the WordPress platform and features modules built from scratch, designed to function well on both desktop and mobile devices. The modular approach allows easy creation of pages to add to the site as it grows and evolves. 

This ensures the website functions precisely as needed, providing an easy-to-manage, robust platform. The site was built with their future growth in mind, creating a website that can adapt and scale as required.

website for rspca suffolk central showing off RSPCA's new brand

digital marketing

PPC / SEO / Email / Social Channel Management

We continue to support RSPCA Suffolk Central with their ongoing marketing activities, brand rollout and secure green website hosting.  It was an honour to be involved with such an exciting project and to have made a positive impact on the business, we look forward to seeing what the future holds for the company.

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