We love a good podcast and there are so many really inspiring and well put together shows out there, particularly in the startup and creative space.

One particularly interesting podcast that stuck out recently is this interview with Nick Jenkins, owner of Moonpig, on Steven Bartlett’s on his ‘Diary of a CEO’ show.

What is particularly unique about this interview is Nick’s approach to entrepreneurialism in general, as he doesn’t subscribe to the 14 hour day’ ‘work yourself into the ground’ approach that has become common in the space.

This refreshing take on starting a successful business, and his general stoic approach to what it takes to build a good business is really insightful (as you would expect from someone who has a business worth $1.6 billion).

This is a great listen for anyone who runs their own business or is interested in what it takes to develop a successful startup, without having to sacrifice everything.

Listen to the podcast here