the brief

Aerocomponents are a precision engineering company based in Woodley, Reading. They have been delivering high-end precision CNC engineering services from the Berkshire-based workshop to the motorsport, military and aerospace sectors for almost 70 years.

We were asked to revamp its branding and create a new website design, to better showcase the people, services and work that the business does for its amazing client base. We met with the team to establish a brief, understand their requirements and begin planning out approach.

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website design

Our top priority is enhancing the user experience in all our website design projects. We strive to create interface designs that are effective for both businesses and end users, leading them swiftly and satisfactorily from their starting point to their desired destination. To achieve this, we thoroughly investigated the business and user needs, identifying key objectives, and condensed them into page wireframes that can be interactive.

This comprehensive process is adaptable and aims to strike the perfect balance between brand design, business requirements, user journey, and technology.

website build

The development team at Above Digital successfully brought the Aerocomponent website to life by creating a robust, responsive and user-friendly platform.

To ensure maximum control, a tailor-made content management system was integrated into the back end of the website. This empowers the client to have complete authority over all aspects of their website’s content.

Prior to launch, extensive browser compatibility testing and best practice search engine optimization were conducted in order to guarantee a seamless experience for users across different browsers and improve search engine visibility.

“i am thrilled with the results! our fresh new look represents our commitment to growth and innovation. ”

-Simon Rose, Director Aerocomponents

rebranding exercise

The current brand design felt out of date and really didn’t represent the amazing level of work that Aerocomponents delivered. So we started by putting together a set of visual mood boards and keywords to strategise an approach to modernise the brand.

Looking at the kind of industries that Aerocomponents worked with there was potential to create a brand that was more along those lines. With that in mind, we began some initial design concepts, taking influence from the themes of precision and movement.

Through a series of development stages, we refined the overall brand design, the colour palette and logo to align better with the key values of the Aerocomponenets, and its high level of service.

digital marketing

PPC / SEO / Email / Social Channel Management

There are a wide range of digital marketing activities on offer, so choosing the right ones can be confusing. At Above Digital, we talk through your objectives and explore the options available to make sure you take the right path. From search engine optimisation (SEO), social channel management, email marketing or paid Advertising in Facebook, Twitter or running a Google Adwords, Display Ads or re-marketing, it will depend on what you are trying to achieve with your available budget.

To ensure the best results, all campaigns should be reviewed and key learnings defined so that any ongoing activity can be improved. We try to provide the right guidance and support, from the launch of a new product through to extending your brand reach online.

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