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the brief

E-bike brand EBCO tasked us with creating a bespoke e-commerce website and a fresh brand design that would ‘power up’ their business, enabling them to market and sell their e-bikes directly to both consumers and dealers more effectively.

Our challenge was to redesign their current brand, modernising it in a way that would connect it with their customer base better. The website needed to seamlessly serve as a direct sales platform for consumers and dealers alike, servicing both B2C and B2B sales.










scope & website design

We designed the bespoke e-commerce website, starting the process with a thorough wireframing phase to plan all aspects. We tailored the website design to meet the needs of both consumers and dealers alike, through carefully crafted user journeys.

The website is delivered with a contemporary design and a user-friendly interface. The website design features large-scale lifestyle imagery, bold typography, and prominent calls to action. Notable features include a dealer portal, wishlist functionality, and a dynamic dealer locator, a bespoke click-and-collect ordering process. Additionally, informative sections cater to newcomers in the e-biking world, guiding them through the site to make a purchase.

EBCO Website design scope

website build

The bespoke website build is carefully crafted on the WordPress platform, and features modules built from scratch, designed to function well on both desktop and mobile devices. Our e-commerce functionality is powered by WooCommerce, forming the basis for a customised e-commerce content management system.

This ensures the website functions precisely as needed, providing an easy-to-manage, robust platform. The site was built with their future growth in mind, creating a website that can adapt and scale as the company evolves.











branding design

We started the brand design project by delving into their product ecosystem, customer demographics, and market competition. We were able to define what made EBCO unique, and how we could potentially position them in the busy e-bike space.

Our brand strategy primarily targeted the entry-level market, whilst also catering for the more experienced riders, around EBCO's mission to provide high-quality e-bikes that are suitable for riders of all skill levels. This insight inspired a vibrant, modern visual identity, replacing their old red and black with a modern, bright green. In addition, we planned and executed a photoshoot to showcase the product range, showing the bikes being used by typical rider types, and making it relatable to the intended audience.









brand & messaging
bespoke website
e-commerce platform


digital marketing

PPC / SEO / Email / Social Channel Management
There are a wide range of digital marketing activities on offer so choosing the right ones can be confusing. At Above Digital, we talk through your objectives and explore the options available to make sure you take the right path. From search engine optimisation (SEO), social channel management, email marketing or paid Advertising in Facebook, Twitter or running a Google Adwords, Display Ads or re-marketing, it will depend on what you are trying to achieve with your available budget.

To ensure the best results, all campaigns should be reviewed and key learnings defined so that any ongoing activity can be improved. We try to provide the right guidance and support, from the launch of a new product through to extending your brand reach online.

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