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the brief

STEER was founded by Dr Simon and Dr Jo Walker to build a new generation of social-emotional applications to prepare young people with the human skills to thrive in life. Their groundbreaking software platform is designed to proactively safeguard young people's mental health, and has been widely adopted by schools and educational organisations across the globe.

STEER came to us as their current website design felt out of date, its brand delivery and user experience did little to accurately reflect the quality of STEER’s offering. STEER was ready for their next phase of growth and felt ready for a brand and website overhaul.

We were briefed to assess STEER’s current website, strategising a more effective way to represent the positive impact their product offers the educational community. Our project remit was to address both the website and their overall brand delivery.


in foreground, a boy reading, in the background, the steer branding circles









A quick assessment of STEER’s current website and branding identified key some areas for us to address. It was clear that a lot more could be done to deliver the product message in a more engaging way, both through the website design, messaging and brand delivery.

We created a series of mood boards that established keywords relating to the identity and mission of the brand and along with brand perception. This exercise is hugely useful, and gives us a solid foundation on which to base all ongoing creative work on. Through a series of group sessions we developed a potential visual style, establishing a general look and feel for the site and brand direction.

During this phase we also addressed the overall site user journey, creating a series of wireframes that carefully detailed every aspect of the website structure, from initial engagement to an enquiry. The wireframes were carefully assessed and refined until we had a sitemap and site blueprint to design around.

Phone screen, wireframe, and sketch, demonstrating development of steer education website design










web design and branding

Once we have completed the scoping phase we proceeded to create a beautiful, brand lead website design and used this to develop the visual identity.

We elaborated on the ‘focusing on the individual’ concept and opted to use circles as a central theme in the design, positioning them around images of the students, to represent both the safeguarding of the student and focus on the individual. The circle theme gave us a nice mechanic to tie the design together.

This concept was carried through to the rebrand, where we refined the colour palette, imagery styling, typography, brand assets and overall visual identity.

tablet displaying steer education website design

website build

The bespoke website was built on the WordPress platform, with all modules being carefully crafted from scratch. The website design was built to work beautifully on both desktop and mobile devices.

The website back end included a custom content management system, giving the client complete control over all content within the website.

The site went through rigorous cross browser testing and best practice search engine optimization before being launched.

brain mind map infographic, demonstrating steer education branding development
mind map infographic, demonstrating steer education branding development

quick quote
branding, messaging and interface design for young people's wellbeing



ongoing support

We continue to work with STEER as they continue to grow,, helping them with a wide range of design support from creating social media assets, and exhibition banners to supporting their internal teams with brand assets.

We have also supported their ongoing marketing in a variety of agile ways, including creating landing pages and adapting content to synchronise with various campaigns.

It is an honour to be involved with such a worthwhile product, helping STEER to reach a wider audience and positively affect young people’s mental wellbeing on a global scale.

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