Modernising the brand design and website for Reading based, Aerocomponents

Modernising the brand design and website for Reading based, Aerocomponents

Aerocomponents, a Reading-based precision engineering company, has been providing top-tier CNC engineering services to the motorsport, military, and aerospace sectors for nearly 70 years. They approached us to create a new brand and bespoke website design.

As you would think, clients of this calibre demand an impeccably high standard of quality, delivered with cutting-edge technology. Whilst Aerocomponents was well known for delivering an extremely high level of service this was not accurately reflected through the company’s brand design or website so a rebranding project was in order.

As a Reading-based web agency we love to work with local businesses, so were thrilled to be asked to work with Aerocomponents. Our brief was to look at the business’ brand delivery and think about how we could redesign it to reflect the modern, cutting-edge positioning of Aerocomponents’ service offering with a focus on its website design. 

Motor parts and plans used by aerocomponents to provide CNC engineering services to the motorsport, military, and aerospace sectors

The current website and brand design felt out of date and really didn’t represent the amazing level of work that Aerocomponents delivered. So we started by putting together a set of visual mood boards and keywords to strategise an approach to modernise the brand and website design.

Looking at the kind of industries that Aerocomponents worked with there was potential to create a brand that was more along those lines. With that in mind, we began some initial design concepts, taking influence from the themes of precision and movement.

Through a series of development stages, we refined the overall brand design, the colour palette and logo to align better with the key values of the Aerocomponenets, and its high level of service.

With the core brand in place, our next task was to use what we had created with the branding to start the website design. Before any visual web design work was underway, we needed to create the site map and wireframes. We began by following our tried and tested scoping process, leaving no stone unturned in understanding key user journeys, user types and site goals. From there we developed an extensive site map, detailing all pages and the overall site structure.

We produced a detailed set of page wireframes, showing the structure of every page, where the content would sit, and how the brand messaging would be communicated through the careful balance of text and imagery. We assessed how we could achieve key goals around the user journey, with the aim to inspire clients to get in touch through the page structures and interface.

To really set Aerocomponents apart it was decided that an on-site photoshoot was needed at their Reading-based workshop. It was one thing to show off exciting imagery of aeroplanes, and cool cars but to really get a sense of what made the business unique, we felt that showing the team at work would give a better feel of the business. After all, it’s the expertise and passion of the team that makes Aerocomponents an industry leader.

multiple devices displaying arecomponents website

The final website design brought all elements of the branding, messaging and photoshoot together into a set of beautiful, high-impact pages and interface design that shows off all elements of the business, its legacy, amazing services, client base and expertise. The site is sure to encourage any potential new client to get in touch.

The outcome of the project is an exciting new brand that feels more in line with its client base, making it more appealing to potential new clients looking for the best CNC machining in the business. 


“I am thrilled with the results! Our fresh new look represents our commitment to growth and innovation. We couldn’t have done it without the amazing team at Above.   Thank you, Above Digital, for helping us achieve our vision!”

-Simon Rose, Director Aerocomponents


If you would like to see what we did in detail then view the case study here or check out Aerocomponents,

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