the brief

Talon is a leading global out-of-home media agency that pushes the boundaries of OOH advertising. The client list includes some of the biggest and most innovative brands in the world.

Talon’s rebrand process resulted in a new visual identity and messaging that more accurately represents them as a market-leading global agency, and they needed a market leading media agency website to reflect this. We were tasked with taking the brand work and building on it to bring it to life through a brand-new website design.

We needed to create a media agency website that would truly showcase all that Talon has to offer, its amazing case studies, and its global presence. Another requirement was that Talon wanted to focus on the human side of the business.

Standing billboard showcasing talon branding, 'the great outdoors just got a whole lot greater'
creative cloud

scope and design

We started by producing a selection of mood boards to help detail a direction for the website design. We wanted a clean, modern media agency website design that would make Talon really stand out from the crowd as a global media agency, while dialling up the brand messaging.

In conjunction with our mood boards, we created a detailed set of wireframes for the website design. This allowed us to plan which areas would show location-specific content, and how the overall user journeys would work.

We had a lot of beautiful case study imagery to work with, so we used this as a focal point and built the design around this. We also used typography in interesting and engaging ways to amplify the overall brand message and really tell the story of who Talon are.

The design was modern and avoided being too standard in its approach. We achieved this by using an unconventional page layout structure and dynamic overlaying text and images that created a more free-flowing feel. (Read more about how we approached this media agency design project in this article).

website build

The bespoke website was built on the WordPress platform, with all modules being carefully crafted from scratch. The website design was built to work beautifully on both desktop and mobile devices.

The website design includes functionality that automatically displays geo-targeted content. Key pages such as home and case studies show content relative to the user’s location.
The website back end included a custom content management system, giving the client complete control over all content within the website.

The site went through rigorous cross-browser testing and best-practice search engine optimization before being launched.

global media agency website design with location specific content

digital marketing

PPC / SEO / Email / Social Channel Management

There are a wide range of digital marketing activities on offer, so choosing the right ones can be confusing. At Above Digital, we talk through your objectives and explore the options available to make sure you take the right path. From search engine optimisation (SEO), social channel management, email marketing or paid Advertising in Facebook, Twitter or running a Google Adwords, Display Ads or re-marketing, it will depend on what you are trying to achieve with your available budget.

To ensure the best results, all campaigns should be reviewed and key learnings defined so that any ongoing activity can be improved. We try to provide the right guidance and support, from the launch of a new product through to extending your brand reach online.

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